DeMarsico Custom Trim reputation is all about craftsmanship and artistry



DeMarsico Custom Trim focuses on delivering high-quality, custom interior trim, cabinets, mantels, staircases even media rooms and wine cellars, every day to people just like you.

DeMarsico contacted us, and expressed to us they had many years of projects on their drive they would like to showcase on the web. After we got a better understand of their business, we came up with a design and layout that best represented them. As seen below.

Responsive website design

We decided it would be best to let their work speaks for itself. As a result, we designed the home page with full screen image rotators displaying their works.

We did a grid layout of their portfolio, organizing them according to there own category. We came with that concept so their clients and/or  visitors could be able to navigate their website with ease.

DeMarsico Gallery Grid View